Never Quiet Video #3

1913 1076 Never Quiet - Atomic London

Never Quiet Video #3.

Beer Brands Ranked

In this edition of our Never Quiet video series, we take a look at some of the latest campaigns from the beer industry. We take a look at each beer brand’s latest campaign and through our Never Quiet lens, we analyse how we think the campaign has performed in being ‘hard to ignore’  and ‘difficult to forget’, we then give the campaign a total score on how ‘Never Quiet’ we think the campaign is. Enjoy.

HARD TO IGNORE means developing hard working brand platform that give the brand a fresh perspective, a distinctive voice and an emotional reward. These are media agnostic platform ideas that can form the basis of all the brand’s activity.

DIFFICULT TO FORGET is then about bringing these platform ideas to life across any channels, in ways that are innovative, ongoing, and highly targeted. It’s at this ‘difficult to forget’ stage that performance marketing also comes into play.

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