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Is Amazon delivering for brands? Or eating their lunch?

It’s Wednesday evening and three brands have already dominated my week. Netflix, because the new series of ‘Stranger Things’ is out. Sky Sports, because my wife and I share a strong love for the beautiful…

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How can soft drink brands respond to consumer trends driving changing tastes?

In our recent trend report on soft drinks we commented upon a number of trends showing how the drinks industry is reacting to changing consumer tastes and government intervention for more premium and healthier soft…

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6 principles for achieving VR velocity for your brand

I read this morning in the City AM that real sales of virtual reality and augmented reality devices are expected to hit £9bn within the next five years, according to fresh forecasts which also predict…

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Soft Drinks Infographic

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Collaboration is a brilliant way to kill creativity

The word ‘collaborative’ is now one of the most over-used words in the marketing landscape, alongside integration, digital and no doubt now, diversity. According a survey recently published by the AAR, the one thing that…

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Live Social: Be Careful Brands, You Will Ruin It For Everyone

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am an avid user of social media. Aren’t most of us these days? However, for the last 4 or 5 months I had grown tired of my social…

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Soft Drinks Market Research

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Are some brands taking consumer centricity too far?

Is it me or has the ‘Gogglebox’ phenomenon sent the advertising industry a bit mad? Take for instance, the latest Talk Talk advert, where we’re treated to 20 seconds of people toe tapping to TV.…

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How to get your audience to spend 8 minutes with your brand instead of just 8 seconds

In a recent study by Ofcom we now spend more time using media devices than we do sleeping, with the average person being exposed to over a thousand messages a day. Messages that we have…

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Creatives shouldn’t mind working with machines

There’s a growing sense of unease in adland that, when it comes to getting machines involved, anything you can do, AI can do better. The machines have access to more customer data than humans can…

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