Should consumer electronic brands be thinking outside the box to sell their products?

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In the UK, 4 out of 5 adults have smartphones.

Indeed, technology is something that most people have access to. If you can’t afford a flat screen TV outright, most retailers now offer a weekly or monthly payment plan so that you can.

As well as high ownership, we’re also constantly using devices. The phenomenon of second, even third-screening, has become commonplace.

You’d think with this level of ubiquitous ownership and usage, we’d have a good understanding of our technological gadgets.

However, we found evidence to the contrary.

Only 13% of our respondents professed to understand ‘100% of what their tech has the ability to do’. Over one half admitted that they only understand about 3/4 s of their tech’s functionality.

Given that we used OnePulse to conduct this survey, a platform skewed towards the more digitally savvy, it’s reasonable to assume that actually the general population is even less confident in their understanding of their tech.

Most brands in the tech sector have capitalised on the YouTube fad for ‘How To’ videos. However, two behemoths have started to move towards more engaging platforms. Samsung are sharing excellent ‘creative tips’ on their Instagram channel as a Stories Highlight; a format perfect for education, and Apple have leveraged influencers in the experiential space.

On the latter, Apple sponsored particular artists and their endeavours to publicly endorse their products. We recently went to their Oxford Street event, ‘The Big Draw’ and learnt how to use iPad Pro with an insta-famous cartoonist, Ruby Etc.

The fact that we know consumers don’t fully understand their tech, and that Apple and Samsung – the two most successful smartphone brands in the UK – are taking an innovative approach in this space illustrates that this is something all tech brands should be moving towards.

Consumers don’t just want to be sold a product; they want to be educated to about their devices. Do more consumer electronics brands need to be thinking how they use different channels like experiential to sell their products?

Summer Taylor is a strategist at Atomic London.

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